Are autoclave steam sterilization paper bags safe?
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Are autoclave steam sterilization paper bags safe?

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With the gradual increase in public health protection awareness, medical-related products such as medical sterilization bag have been driven to rapidly increase sales. When the equipment leaves the sterilization room, the outdoor air contains dust particles and microorganisms. If the sterilized medical device is not protected by medical sterilization bag, it will soon be contaminated. You may have questions, since microorganisms are so permeable, is sterilization bag sterilized by autoclave steam really safe?


Here is the content list:

  • Why choose autoclave steam to produce the sterilization bag?

  • What is effect of autoclaving steam the sterilization paper bag?

  • What is suitable to be put in medical crepe paper for autoclave steam?


Why choose autoclave steam to produce the sterilization bag?

Generally speaking, moist heat sterilization is more effective than dry heat sterilization towards sterilization bag. Moist heat sterilization is the use of hot steam sterilization. At the same temperature, moist heat is more effective than dry heat sterilization.

1.       The hot steam has a stronger damaging effect on the microorganism cells on the sterilization bag. The presence of water molecules helps break the chemical bonds that maintain the shape of the protein, making it easier to denature the protein. The water content of protein is inversely proportional to its solidification temperature.

2.       Hot steam has stronger penetrating power to the sterilization bag than hot air, and can kill microorganisms more effectively.

3.       Steam has latent heat, which can release a lot of heat when the gas turns into liquid, so it can quickly increase the temperature of the surface of the sterilization bag.


What is effect of autoclaving steam the sterilization paper bag?

The boiling point of water increases as the steam pressure increases. The autoclave sterilization bag is placed in the autoclave steam sterilization pot. Because the steam cannot overflow and the pressure in the pot continues to rise, the water in it is not the usual boiling point of 100°C, but higher than this temperature.

The autoclave steams the bacterial protein and nucleic acid, leading to its death, which is called inactivation. Different bacteria are inactivated at different temperatures. The higher the temperature, the more bacteria on the medical sterilization bag can be killed. In addition, the sterilization effect is also related to the sterilization time, the degree of air permeability of the autoclave sterilization bag and other factors.


What is suitable to be put in medical crepe paper for autoclave steam?

Medical crepe paper uses autoclave steam sterilization technology. This method not only kills general bacteria, but also has the effect of killing bacterial spores. It is the most reliable and widely used physical sterilization method. However, not all appliances are suitable for putting in an autoclave medical sterilization bag. The following are precautions for the use of medical sterilization bags:

1.       The medical sterilization bag used should not be too large, the package should not be too tight, and too many implements should not be placed in a medical sterilization bag.

2.       At the same time, accept sterilization and medical sterilization bags, do not arrange them too densely, so as not to hinder the penetration of steam and affect the sterilization effect.

3.       When the pressure, temperature and time meet the requirements, the indicator tape of the medical sterilization bag and the chemical indicator should show the sterilized color or state. Otherwise, you need to check whether there is a problem with the equipment or the medical sterilization bag.

4.       For some items that are easy to ignite or explode after heating, and medicines that change physical and chemical properties at high temperatures, medical sterilization bags cannot be used.

5.       Sharp metal instruments should not be autoclaved, otherwise they will become dull.

6.       When the bottled liquid is sterilized in a medical sterilization bag, cellophane and gauze should be used to wrap the mouth of the bottle; if there is a rubber stopper, a needle should be inserted to vent.

7.       There should be someone responsible. Before each sterilization, check the performance of the safety valve to prevent explosion due to excessive pressure and ensure the safe use of autoclave sterilization bag.


At present, the sterilization paper bag industry is developing in a healthy and orderly direction, such as restructuring the industrial structure, standardizing industry standards, and changing outdated concepts, all of which have made preparations for the integration of the medical sterilization bag industry with the world. Hefei Hanchin actively responds to the policy call and leads the new fashion of autoclave sterilization bag. If you want to cooperate with us, welcome to consult our customer service, we will provide you with personalized service.

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