Can sterilization pouches be reused?
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Can sterilization pouches be reused?

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The self-sealing sterilization pouch is made of composite materials, including PET/PP film and medical paper, providing an efficient method for sterilization packaging of medical equipment. The function of medical sterilization pouch has been deeply rooted in people's hearts, and people usually think that the surgical tools in which are clean. However, this does not mean that the same dental sterilization pouch can be used multiple times.


Here is the content list:

  • What certification does the sterilization pouch need to pass?

  • Why the sterilization pouch cannot be reused?

  • How to use sterilization pouch correctly and safely?


What certification does the sterilization pouch need to pass?

Sterilization pouch is a kind of initial packaging for medical devices, which can be sterilized and can be used for aseptic operations such as clean opening. The sterilization pouch can provide acceptable microbial barrier properties and protect the product before and after sterilization.

The sterilization pouch meets the requirements of ISO 11607 and EN 868-5, and is suitable for high temperature steam and ETO sterilization methods. The outer packaging of the sterilization pouch uses water-based non-toxic ink, which meets the requirements of the ISO 11140-1 standard.

After sterilization, the sterilization pouch can maintain the sterile environment inside the system for a certain period of time. Sterilization pouch is suitable for hospitals, dental clinics and beauty centers, CSSD, etc. The above are restrictions on sterilization pouch manufacturers, and the prohibition of reuse is a restriction on buyers.


Why the sterilization pouch cannot be reused?

The sterilization quality of the sterilization pouch is directly related to the medical quality. The sterilization pouch is often marked with a clear slogan for single use. Repeated use will affect the storage of sterile medical equipment in the bag.

Relevant legal regulations show that disposable medical devices must not be reused. The used sterilization pouch should be destroyed and recorded in accordance with relevant regulations.

Once these diagnosis and treatment instruments are contaminated, they may cause infection after touching the broken skin and mucous membrane of the human body. We must resolutely refuse the repeated use of disposable medical supplies!


How to use sterilization pouch correctly and safely?

With the rapid development of the dental industry, China has become one of the world's top producers of surgical devices and exporters of raw materials. As a special commodity, the use of disposable sterilization pouch accompanies the whole process of medical equipment from production to sales.

Many authoritative medical departments at home and abroad have made strict regulations on the quality and use of sterilization pouch to ensure the sterilization effect of medical equipment and the safety of clinical use.

However, even if the sterilization pouch meets the prescribed quality standards, the hospital and clinic staff will make mistakes in the process of using it, which will make it useless.

Therefore, the correct use of medical package material will directly affect the quality of sterilized surgical tools. Since the safe operation of the sterilization pouch cannot be ignored, we provide you with the following suggestions for use:

1.        Only clean and dry medical equipment and items can be put into the sterilization pouch.

2.        Before the sterilization operation, the operator should place the sterilization pouch and the medical equipment in the pressure steam sterilization equipment or the ETO sterilization equipment, and perform the sterilization according to the conventional method.

3.        After the sterilization operation, it is necessary to mark the sterilization time, content and purpose and other information on the sterilization pouch, and make sure that the indication mark has changed color.

4.        Keep it in a dry, dark and clean place for later use.

5.        Before use, check the integrity of the sterilization bag and do not use it if it is damaged.

6.        When it needs to be used, tear open the sterilization pouch, take out the medical equipment and articles in it, and then use it. At this time, the equipment items are sterile.


The dental sterilization pouch can ensure the safe storage of medical devices, greatly increase the storage time, and reduce the number of repeated sterilizations, but this is based on the premise that the self-sealing sterilization pouch is certified and the staff operates properly. Hefei Hanchin Medical Supplies Co.,Ltd. is a professional heat sealing sterilization pouch manufacturer, we are happy to provide you with the most detailed information.

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