How important is medical crepe paper to health?
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How important is medical crepe paper to health?

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The development of the medical crepe paper industry has driven the development of the sterile medical device industry. medical crepe paper has not only eliminated the packaging of backward sterile medical devices in the past, but has also given birth to the construction of sterile medical device packaging standards and systems. Medical wrapping paper is as important to medicines and precision surgical instruments as protective clothing is to doctors.


Here is the content list:

  • What is importance of medical crepe paper towards health protection?

  • What are the new concepts of medical crepe paper package?

  • What need to focus on about future of medical crepe paper?


What is importance of medical crepe paper towards health protection?

Although sterile medical devices have gone through more than 30 years of history, the lack of medical crepe paper standards for a long time has caused many misunderstandings in people's understanding of medical wrapping paper, and the development of the medical wrapping paper industry has been in chaos for a long time. Nowadays, the development of medical wrapping paper has entered a new historical period.

  • Infection resistance

Medical-related infections caused by bacteria-carrying medical devices account for about two-thirds of all infections. As a line of defense to maintain medical devices and prevent infection, the failure of medical wrapping paper will threaten the well-being and even lives of patients and medical staff.

  • Practical value

With the continuous development and application of medical wrapping paper, drug packaging is no longer simply an accessory material for holding drugs, but has become an important content for facilitating clinical use, ensuring drug quality and cooperating with clinical treatment.

  • Strong suitability

Air-permeable materials may lose their shelter ability under the long-term penetration of high-temperature steam. The construction of a sterile shelter system depends on suitable sterilization materials, and medical crepe paper can still stay the microbial shelter ability after sterilization.


What are the new concepts of medical crepe paper package?

The sterility test of the equipment cannot be used as the only means to evaluate the packaging of medical crepe paper. It is necessary to combine practice with theory so that the sterilization crepe paper can guarantee the sterility that it should maintain during its life.

The backward packaging design in the past made the packaging of many sterile products not suitable for the sterilization process used, nor could it be used aseptically. The design of the sterilization crepe paper package should be reasonable so that bacteria can be prevented from invading during the opening process.

Many sterile medical devices that are sterilized by gas use non-permeable packaging pieces, which are neither suitable for the selected sterilization process nor for the effective release of reactants after sterilization. The raw material molecules of medical crepe paper allow sterilizing gas and radiation to pass through, but keep bacteria out.


What need to focus on about future of medical crepe paper?

Environmental temperature and humidity have a great influence on the strength of medical crepe paper. Changes in air temperature and humidity will cause changes in the equilibrium moisture of medical crepe paper, which will eventually change its mechanical properties to varying degrees.

The mechanical properties of sterilization crepe paper vary with relative humidity. Because paper fibers have greater water absorption, when the humidity increases, the tensile strength and tear strength of sterilization crepe paper will decrease, which affects usability. It can be said that the production technology of sterilization crepe paper still has a lot of room for optimization.

In the future, medical crepe paper will develop in the direction of extending the shelf life and optimizing barrier performance, which also puts forward higher requirements for pharmaceutical packaging companies and opens up a broader market for development.


The continuous improvement of the medical package standard system, in turn, has played a role in standardizing and promoting the development of the medical crepe paper industry and the sterile medical device manufacturing industry, making it continue to move forward and healthy. Hefei Hanchin only produces exquisite medical wrapping paper, and cooperates with customers through sincere service, and looks forward to working with you to achieve a win-win situation for both parties on the basis of mutual benefit.

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