How long is sterilization retention time of sterilization pouch?
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How long is sterilization retention time of sterilization pouch?

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Self-sealing sterilization pouch belongs to an emerging field of development, and the production experience of the industry is still in the stage of continuous accumulation and summary. Many people have questions about the sterility time that the medical sterilization pouch can maintain. Why can such a common sterilization pouch be able to resist the external microorganisms for so long?


Here is the content list:

  • What are the parameters of sterilization pouch?

  • How to read meanings of indicator bar colors on sterilization pouch?

  • What is impact of COVID-19 on the use of sterilization pouch?

  • Why did we choose to base on the sterilization pouch industry?


What are the parameters of sterilization pouch?

In fact, you can check any data about the sterilization pouch through our website. According to their numbers, you can find their length, size, and packaging. As for the lifespan of the sterilization pouch, the medical sterilization pouch of different specifications, materials, and processing methods have different lifespans.

Under prescribed and reasonable storage conditions, the physical and chemical properties of the sterilization roll remain unchanged for two years. The two-year storage period is calculated from the production date of the sterilization roll.

In general, the purpose of aseptic packaging is to allow the heat-sealing sterilization pouch to operate in a sterile environment without polluting the sterile environment, so there are strict requirements for the preservation of the heat-sealing sterilization pouch.


How to read meanings of indicator bar colors on sterilization pouch?

The advancement of medical conditions has accelerated the updating of medical supplies, and more methods of sterilization inspection are also invented. Different types of sterilization indicator cards are also required. This requires the user to be proficient in memorizing the color of various indicator cards before and after sterilization. If the concept of the indicator card color is confused, safety hazards are prone to occur.

Take a certain length of sterilization pouch according to the size of the items to be sterilized, put them in, seal both ends with a sealing machine, and put them in a sterilizer for sterilization. After sterilization, observe the discoloration of the indicator on the surface of the heat-sealing sterilization pouch. If the pressure steam sterilization indicator on the sterilization pouch turns brown, it means that it has been sterilized.


What is impact of COVID-19 on the use of sterilization pouch?

The epidemic has forced the technological progress of medical device companies and accelerated the maturity of the supporting industrial chain. Changes in the disease spectrum of residents and increased awareness of health care have promoted the rapid development of the medical sterilization pouch industry. With the aid of relevant policies, the medical device industry including sterilization pouch is expected to usher in a golden age of rapid development.

Independent innovation, platform-based layout, and extension to the downstream industrial chain are the development logic of sterilization pouch enterprises. Companies with strong R&D and sales capabilities, different sterilization pouch varieties, and strong terminal service capabilities will be favored, able to stand out from the trend, and take advantage of the opportunity to expand the demand for medical devices to welcome the golden age.


Why did we choose to base on the sterilization pouch industry?

The commercialization of the medical field is mainly implemented in the medical supplies industry. As a large traditional manufacturing country, it has sufficient experience in engineering and has significant advantages in assembly lines, supply chains and labor costs. Compared with the research and development of drugs that require extremely high original technology, China has a unique advantage in the field of medical devices, which is also the basis for medical sterilization pouch.

In addition, the use of medical sterilization pouch is often accompanied by after-sales service. On the one hand, it can bring a huge after-sales service market. On the other hand, excellent after-sales service can increase the brand loyalty and customer stickiness of medical sterilization pouch, while there is almost no after-sales service in the pharmaceutical industry.


The medical sterilization pouch produced by Hefei Hanchin has broken through the encirclement of imported brands and has been widely recognized by hospitals at all levels. It has achieved double breakthroughs in after-sales service quality and heat-sealing sterilization pouch market share. In the future, we will pay more attention to innovation and quality control, and give consumers the safest and safest experience of using heat-sealing sterilization pouch.

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