How to distinguish the quality of medical crepe paper?
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How to distinguish the quality of medical crepe paper?

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Although environmental pollution has become serious, with the improvement of medical standards, the requirements for aseptic conditions have also increased, so medical crepe paper has become a necessity in the field of health care. Medical crepe paper has captured the hearts of consumers with its simple appearance and practical interior.


Here is the content list:

  • What is nice medical crepe paper like?

  • What if medical crepe paper of poor quality is selected?

  • How do operators create quality medical crepe paper packages?


What is nice medical crepe paper like?

Sterilization crepe paper is a disposable packaging paper specially designed for sterilization packaging. Our customers are all over the world, and have won unanimous praise from customers for its superior character. Because of its special use, sterilization crepe paper has strict requirements on hygiene and safety.

In order to meet the needs of appearance and function, a certain degree of packaging adaptability is also required. Medical crepe paper combines the advantages of many other packaging materials: high strength, good drape, allowing air discharge and penetration of sterilizing factors such as water vapor, and a very small pore size, thus forming a good microbial barrier without dust and broken fibers can prevent iatrogenic infections caused by this.

It has good hydrophobic properties and can avoid the absorption of liquids by packaging materials. There are many varieties and meet the different needs of hospitals.


What if medical crepe paper of poor quality is selected?

Medical crepe paper's current industry standards are not very restrictive, and the barriers to entry are very low. From listed companies with strong capital to small workshops with many loopholes, all have joined it. Many inferior medical crepe papers are listed grandiosely, quietly endangering the health of consumers.

The main reason why medical crepe paper is popular in the market is that the materials in it are relatively special and the production process is also more exquisite, which has a much better effect than ordinary wrapping materials. If these medical crepe papers do not meet the relevant requirements, the ability to resist viruses and bacteria will be greatly reduced.

In addition to material quality issues, the most negligible aspect of medical crepe paper is the storage method. After many medical crepe papers are produced, they are piled up in a humid, messy or dusty environment, which will cause various germs, mites, and mildew in the medical crepe paper. Once you use this kind of medical crepe paper, not only can it not protect the medical supplies, but it may endanger the lives of patients.


How do operators create quality medical crepe paper packages?

Understanding the sterilization method and the packaging requirements of sterilization wrap can help the staff of the sterilization supply center make the right decision when choosing packaging materials. Usually the situation faced by the staff of the disinfection supply center is that various sterilization wraps have been used in the workplace. However, it is precisely because no packaging material is suitable for all sterilization methods, there is still a selection process when it is used.

In addition to selecting suitable medical crepe paper as packaging materials, the staff of the sterilization supply center should also master how to construct a sterile barrier to protect the contents of the sterile package from contamination. In the field of disinfection and sterilization, the main purpose of using medical crepe paper packaging is as follows:

1.       The medical crepe paper must allow the effective penetration of the selected sterilant and be compatible with other aspects of the selected sterilization method.

2.       The medical crepe paper used must ensure the sterility of the contents until the sterile package is opened.

3.       The medical crepe paper should facilitate the user's aseptic operation when opening the sterile bag without contaminating the contents.

4.       The items in the medical crepe paper must be consistently sterile. Before being put into the medical crepe paper package, this task needs to be disinfected by itself; after being put into the medical crepe paper, the sterilization wrap will block the pollution from the outside for it.


In order to reduce the possibility of buying low-quality medical crepe paper, the best way is to choose a medical crepe paper company that is professionally produced, trustworthy, and has won many awards and related certificates like Hefei Hanchin. When buying, you can also consult relevant professionals according to your own needs. Do not buy fake sterilization wrap without quality assurance because of low prices or following the trend.

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