How to judge different sterilization paper bag qualities?
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How to judge different sterilization paper bag qualities?

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The sterilization bag needs to sterilize the packaging container and sterilize the filling and sealing environment before leaving the factory. It is well known that the effect of the sterilization bag is to ensure that the contents of the sterile bag are in a sterile environment and will not be affected by others. Pollution. In this process, how to judge the quality of the disinfection bag is also very particular. Next, let's talk about a criterion for judging the quality of sterilization bags.

Here is the content list:

  • External observation

  • Internal observation

External observation

⒈ Listen with ears. When the sterilization bag was shaken vigorously with the hand, it was announced that it was a non-toxic sterilization bag with a loud sound; and the toxic sterilization bag was the one with a small and dull sound.

⒉ Touch by hand. Touch the surface of the sterilization bag with your hand, it is very smooth and non-toxic; sticky, astringent, and waxy are toxic.

⒊ Smell with the nose. Non-toxic sterilization bags are tasteless; those with irritating smells or abnormal tastes are poisonous.

⒋ Observation method with eyes. Non-toxic disinfection is white, transparent, or slightly transparent, and the texture is uniform; toxic disinfection is colorful or white, but the transparency is poor, relatively dirty, the plastic surface stretches unevenly, and there are small particles.

Internal observation

Dialysis Paper

The average pore size of 10 pieces of paper should be ≤35μm, and any piece of paper should not be ≥50μm. The paper has a certain resistance to water, the penetration time should be ≥20 s, and the internal tear resistance of the paper should be ≥550mN.

The bursting strength of the paper≥200kPa, soaked for 10 min, the wet bursting strength of the paper should be ≥35kPa.

Plastic film

The plastic film of the sterilization bag should be composed of 2 or more layers. The plastic bonding layer does not separate or whiten. Neither the plastic film nor the bonding area should release harmful substances known to cause health hazards. Not only should the plastic film of the sterilization bag be free of pinholes, when tested with normal or corrected vision under emitted light, but also the plastic film should be free of foreign substances and/or defects that will affect the performance requirements. The plastic film should be heat-sealed with the paper under the conditions specified by the manufacturer.

And paper should be heat sealed

The entire heat-sealing width ≥6mm, the plastic film burst point should be ≥20N/ 15mm width, the strength of the heat-sealing point before and after sterilization should be ≥115N/ 15mm width (dry sample) and ≥112N/ 15mm;

Width (wet sample) The range of the chemical indicator is ≥100mm2 and should not be affected by the sealing process.

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