How to use autoclave pouches?
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How to use autoclave pouches?

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Autoclave pouches are completely different from ordinary garbage bags in life, and also different from waste packaging bags and biological waste collection bags. This kind of Autoclave pouch is a product that can be sterilized for 15-20 minutes without melting at a temperature of 121°C of hot and humid steam and high pressure of 101.3 kPa. Then, let's introduce in detail How to use autoclave pouches?

Here is the content list:

  • Exhaust the air in the pouches

  • Open the switch

  • Regular inspection

  • The size of the autoclave pouches

Exhaust the air in the pouches

When using the autoclave pouches the cold air must be fully exhausted first, otherwise, the temperature in the autoclave pouches does not reach the specified temperature, which will affect the sterilization effect. Completely remove the air in the autoclave pouches so that all the inside of the autoclave pouch is water vapor, and the sterilization can be complete.

Open the switch

Close the bleed valve, after power on, when the pressure rises to 0.05MPa, open the bleed valve to release air, and then close the bleed valve after the pointer of the pressure gauge returns to zero. After closing the valve and re-energizing, when the pressure gauge rises to 0.1MPa, start timing and maintain the pressure at 0.1~0.15MPa for 20 minutes. After the sterilization is completed, do not vent and reduce pressure, otherwise, the liquid in the autoclave pouches will boil violently, flushing the stopper and spilling or even causing the container to burst. The lid cannot be opened until the pressure of the autoclave pouches drops to equal atmospheric pressure.

Regular inspection

To ensure the sterilization effect, the sterilization effect of the autoclave pouches should be checked regularly. The common method is to put sulfur powder (melting point of 115°C) or benzoic acid (melting point of 120°C) in a test tube, and then conduct a sterilization test. If the above-mentioned substances melt, it means that the temperature in the medical autoclave pouches has reached the requirements, and the effect of the sterilization is reliable. The adhesive paper (with a temperature-sensitive indicator on it) for detecting the effect of the sterilizer can also be pasted on the outer packaging of the items to be sterilized. If the indicator on the adhesive paper changes color, it also shows that the sterilization effect is reliable.

The size of the autoclave pouches

The material of the autoclave pouch is generally PE, and a few are PP. But this does not mean that as long as the bags are made of PE and PP, they can withstand high temperature and high-pressure sterilization without melting. It is also closely related to the brand and grade of the material and the production process. The color of the autoclave pouch is generally orange, red, yellow, white, and translucent. Thickness is related to the size of the autoclave pouch and the performance of the material. Generally speaking, the larger the size of the bag, the thicker the bag. If the two sides of the autoclave pouches can be folded, it will help to bear heavier biological waste. The size of the autoclave pouches can be large or small. Generally speaking, the larger the sterilization container, the larger the corresponding bag required. The large autoclave pouches can be 110 cm wide and 150 cm high.

All in all, the method of using the autoclave pouch is to completely remove the air so that all the inside of the bag is water vapor, and the sterilization can be complete. All items that are resistant to high temperature and humidity, such as commonly used culture media, physiological saline, clothes, gauze, glass equipment, etc., can use autoclave pouches.

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