How to use sterilization pouch correctly?
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How to use sterilization pouch correctly?

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For the safety of epidemic prevention, the number of people using sterilization pouch has increased dramatically. The safety of medical care also prompts people to realize that when patients are provided services without proper disinfection measures, you may be at risk. Therefore, whether it is for patients, doctors, dentists or beauticians, the correct use of medical sterilization pouch is very important.


Here is the content list:

  • How to appraise quality of medical crepe paper?

  • What are the advantages of sterilization pouch?

  • How to obtain the maximum value of sterilization pouch?


How to appraise quality of medical crepe paper?

Before you use a medical sterilization pouch, you should know how to tell if it is worth using. This step should actually be completed before you purchase the sterilization pouch.

The medical crepe paper does not have fancy appearance, but rather simple, which is in line with people's first impression of medical supplies. Although the heat-sealing sterilization pouch may seem inconspicuous, in fact, they are a key component of every successful operation. In view of this important function, it is necessary for professionals who purchase sterilization pouches to understand which sterilization bags are qualified.

  • Dual function

The heat-sealing sterilization pouch has a dual role. First, they must keep the interior sterile, isolating the sterile environment from dangerous bacteria. Secondly, they must be used as a container to keep the internal utensils clean and prolong the sterility time until the utensils are taken.

  • Self-sealing structure

In order to isolate the air and ensure good air tightness, the self-sealing sterilization pouch must have a good self-sealing mechanism. This component should be on the top of the device and include a pre-fold line.

  • Indicator bar

Usually, the packaging tape of the medical sterilization pouch has an indicator strip indicating when proper sterilization has been achieved. Before using, you should observe its color in detail to determine whether the medical sterilization pouch is still within the usable period.

  • Being easy to tear

Although sterilization is the goal, it is important to remember that the medical sterilization pouch will be used as a storage container for surgical utensils. To help improve the usability of the equipment in the bag, its seal should be easy to open to access its contents.


What are the advantages of sterilization pouch?

The sterilization pouch is composed of special materials and a multi-layer composite film. It is a good shelter to prevent microorganisms, bacteria and dust. It can ensure the safe storage of the utensils after sterilization, and can greatly increase the storage time, reduce the number of repeated sterilizations, and save a lot of manpower and material resources to improve work efficiency.

The sterilization pouch can be packaged for a patient, which is beneficial to control hospital infections. The transparent side makes the equipment in the dental sterilization pouch clear at a glance, and it is very convenient to access.

The special paper used in the sterilization pouch has good moisture resistance and oil resistance. The paper surface and the film surface have high strength and toughness, even if the sharp instruments like scissors and scalpel are sealed, it is not a problem.


How to obtain the maximum value of sterilization pouch?

Because of the particularity of medical device products, the safety of its packaging is directly related to the life safety of patients who use the device. In this age of life supremacy, no one can ignore this. Therefore, if you want to get the maximum value of the dental sterilization pouch, you have to follow the steps below.

Step1: Put clean and dry medical equipment and articles into the sterilization pouch.

Step2: Remove the double-sided tape on the tongue and seal the opening of the self-sealing sterilization pouch, or seal the opening with a hot press sealer.

Step3: Place the medical sterilization pouch and the medical devices in the period in the steam sterilization equipment, and sterilize them according to conventional methods.

Step4: Mark the sterilization time, content and purpose of the medical sterilization pouch and confirm that the sterilization process logo has changed color.

Step5: Place the medical sterilization pouch in a dry, dark and clean place for later use.

Step6: When it needs to be used, tear open the medical sterilization pouch, take out the medical equipment and articles inside, and then use it. At this time, the equipment is sterile.


The production of the medical sterilization pouch industry is in its infancy. The epidemic has imposed stricter requirements on pharmaceutical packaging materials. It’s undoubtedly a test of survival of fittest in the sterilization pouch market. We look forward to opportunities for the heat-sealing sterilization pouch market to be improved. As one of the best sterilization pouch producers, Hefei Hanchin is always ready to serve you.

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