Is the sterilization roll environmentally friendly?
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Is the sterilization roll environmentally friendly?

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Due to the rapid increase in the types and quantities of disposable medical supplies, the amount of medical waste including sterilization reels is steadily increasing. We believe that the medical waste may become the most important sector for environmental protection this year. In this environment, the use of environmentally friendly sterilization roll will save a lot of time and labor costs.


Here is the content list:

  • What are characteristics of raw materials of sterilization rolls?

  • Is special treatment necessary for used sterilization roll?

  • How to deal with the used sterilization roll?


What are characteristics of raw materials of sterilization rolls?

The main materials of sterilization roll pouch are medical paper and PP/PET plastic, which have very good physical and chemical properties. Its molding performance is very good, and it has certain toughness and elasticity.

Due to the high crystallinity of the raw materials, the surface of the sterilization roll is regular and has excellent stretchability. In addition, it also has a very outstanding performance that its resistance to bending fatigue is super, so that the sterilization roll can withstand hundreds of bending times without damage. The non-toxic and non-polluting characteristics of its raw materials determine that the sterilization roll is also a very environmentally friendly product.

Under the new normal, the development of a sterilization roll enterprise is the investment of structural adjustment, innovation-driven, and control of resource and environmental elements. Its mainstream is guided by the development of innovation, with the protection of the ecological environment and the treatment of environmental pollution as the core, and the real realization of clean production by scientific means.


Is special treatment necessary for used sterilization roll?

The sterilization roll pouch is used in the diagnosis and treatment of patients, after which the sterilization roll pouch becomes medical waste. The used sterilization roll pouch may contain a large number of pathogenic microorganisms and harmful chemical substances, and even radioactive and damaging substances, which have become important risk factors for disease transmission or related public health problems.

The society has not paid enough attention to the disposal of medical waste for a long time, and the construction of centralized disposal facilities has been seriously lagging behind. Most of the hazardous wastes are in low-level comprehensive utilization, simple storage or direct discharge. Although we have been calling for the centralized recycling of medical waste such as used sterilization roll pouches, not all hospitals have achieved this.

Due to problems such as lack of supervision and lax management, the used sterilization roll pouch may return to the market. What is even more worrying is that the amount of medical waste generated has increased substantially, further increasing the pressure on the treatment of medical waste.


How to deal with the used sterilization roll?

In order to actively and effectively respond to the COVID-19, the current use of sterilization rolls and other medical supplies has increased sharply. To prevent secondary pollution caused by discarded sterilization rolls, the following treatments should be made:

  • Actively guide

It is necessary to actively use various media to promote the classification and release requirements of medical waste, and guide buyers to regulate the release. Encourage hospitals to dispose of the abandoned sterilization roll regularly and establish files to prevent from trafficking.

  • Timely processing

It is necessary to strengthen the disinfection of medical waste, strictly follow the requirements of clean and transportation, and treat the used sterilization roll on the same day.

  • Enhancing classification

The medical sterilization roll collected by medical institutions shall be disposed of in accordance with medical waste regulations. The medical sterilization roll collected in other areas is treated as other types of garbage for harmless incineration.


The COVID-19 in our country has been basically brought under control, but internationally, the COVID-19 is still raging. Hefei Hanchin will also be committed to the production of sterilization rolls in the future, and at the same time call on the society to pay enough attention to medical waste and beware of the COVID-19. We provide support and assistance within our capacity to relevant countries and regions, and provide consumers with the safest sterilization roll. If you are interested in medical sterilization roll, welcome to visit our website.

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