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Medical Use Steam Sterilization Paper Bag manufacturer


suitable for class I medical consumables, such as gauze, masks, PE gloves, disposable glove dressing stickers, dressings, surgical films. Infusion stickers, etc .; can also be used to disinfect equipment in hospitals. Suitable for sterilization of gamma rays, high pressure steam, ethylene oxide

Imported high-grade medical paper, highly resistant to bacteria, reducing the risk of infection ;,

Super blocking bacteria, excellent sealing, clean peeling, conforming to ISO11607 and EN868 standards

Provide color-changing instructions with clear and clear status;

1. Put the items in the medical three-dimensional paper bag, the length and height of the items should be suitable for sealing, otherwise the bag may burst.

2. Special-shaped and sharp objects should be placed correctly, and the peeling safety can be ensured when used.

3. Seal the bag with a sealing device, indicating relevant information such as time and purpose.

4. Place the sealed bag correctly.

5. Confirm the discoloration during the process: gray-black after sterilization; brown after ethylene oxide sterilization.

6. After use, take out the article in the direction of the peeling instruction.

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