Precautions for using sterilization flat roll
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Precautions for using sterilization flat roll

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The postoperative infection has serious consequences from amputation to death. for this reason, an appropriate disinfection process is essential for any successful operation. By definition, sterilization refers to the complete termination of all microorganisms in a given area. Although these bacteria can be eliminated by various methods, only one accepted method can maintain this sanitary state. that is by using a sterilization flat roll. These common things can easily be ignored as simple packaging, and in fact, they are a key component of every successful operation. Given this important function, it is necessary for medical and dental professionals to know which are good sterilization flat rolls. Precautions for using sterilization flat roll?

Here is the content list:

•Note the temperature of the sterilization pot 

•The tools should not be too full 

•Beware of sharp and corrosive substances 

•Direct contact inside the sterilization pan is prohibited 

•Internal indicators 

•External indicator 

Note the temperature of the sterilization pot

The temperature control precision of sterilizing pot produced by some manufacturers is low, and the actual temperature in the pot is larger than the set temperature. Therefore, it is suggested to choose the sterilizing pot of imported or domestic big brand manufacturers so as to avoid the melting of sterilization flat roll caused by the actual temperature too high. 

The tools should not be too full

Otherwise, the pressure inside and outside the sterilization flat roll is too large during sterilization, and the sterilizing bag is prone to burst. Could be dangerous.

Beware of sharp and corrosive substances 

Sharp articles should take appropriate measures or choose the appropriate series of sterilization flat rolls to avoid liquid leakage in the puncture bags and pollute the inside of the sterilization pot. It is forbidden to hold acid and alkali positive samples in sterilizing bag to avoid corrosion of sterilizing bag and rupture of the bag. 

Direct contact inside the sterilization pan is prohibited 

In order to avoid secondary pollution caused by leakage, the sterilization flat roll containing waste should be put into the standard sterilizing barrel of sterilizing pot (or special high pressure sterilizing barrel), which is convenient to hold, Avoid accidental leakage of biological waste and evaporation of biological sample liquid in pot at high temperature. 

Internal indicators 

The indicator is used outside the sterilization flat roll to indicate whether the packaging is permeated by a sterilizer. 

External indicator 

The indicator is usually a steam indicator to ensure that the instrument in the package is exposed to sterilization. After the sterilization process, the instrument is placed in the packaging for a period of time and properly arranged. The sterilized instrument will remain sterilized until the sterilization flat roll is not opened or exposed to water. 

Using medic sterilization flat roll is a range of measures we must take to ensure the safety of medical staff and patients. Whether by using contaminated equipment or making mistakes without wearing a safety apron, a little bit of mismanagement in health care plays a lot. So, we should ensure that all the security measures are taken. I always like high-quality sterilization flat rolls for maximum safety. Hefei Hanchin company conducts many tests of sterilization flat roll, and the quality qualification rate is guaranteed. If you need a sterilization flat roll, you can consider our cost-effective products. Hefei Hanchin company's materials are non-toxic and tasteless, perfect after-sales service, you can have no worries.

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