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  • 06-22
    What can be put into the sterilization roll pouch

    Sterilization flat rolls are used for disinfection applications. These are packaging solutions to protect medical equipment and equipment from cross-transmission of bacteria and infectious diseases between people. These sterilization flat rolls also ensure that the chemicals used in sterilization ar Read More »

  • 06-20
    What are the requirements for the sterilization roll?

    The definition of the sterilization flat roll should be understood as packaging for medical device products, sterilization, aseptic operation (such as clean opening), acceptable microbial barrier performance, Packaging systems that protect products before and after sterilization and maintain a steri Read More »

  • 06-18
    What are the functions of sterilization flat roll?

    Most dentists now use sterilization flat roll as their main method to keep their equipment sterile and clean. Using auto control is very important when developing modern hospital infection control criteria. More and more people in the world are being regarded as dentists, and dentists are gaining a Read More »

  • 06-16
    What are the functions of medical crepe paper?

    The medical crepe paper is mainly used for sterilization in hospitals, dental clinics, laboratories, medical equipment and medical consumable factories, beauty salons, and tattoo centers. Its function is to pack all equipment and corresponding medical items to prevent re-contamination and damage. Th Read More »

  • 06-14
    What are the characteristics of medical crepe paper?

    As an outer packaging material for sterile items, medical crepe paper has foldability and firmness, high physical and mechanical properties, non-toxicity and allergies, superior bacterial barrier, and the softness of cotton packaging and the advantages of vapor penetration, broad applicability. Then Read More »

  • 06-12
    What are sterilization paper bag dimensions?

    Effective packaging plays a vital role in maintaining the sterility of items. At present, a large number of new sterilization paper bags have begun to be widely used in the packaging of medical devices. Different types of sterilization paper bags have differences in technical indicators and usage co Read More »

  • 06-10
    What are sterilization flat roll operations?

    In infection control," sometimes a small detail can make a huge difference ." Infection control is a series of steps required to ensure the safety of staff and patients. Sterilization flat roll is a kind of medical device approved by the Food and Drug Administration. The shape of the sterilization f Read More »

  • 06-08
    What are medical crepe papers’ uses?

    Medical crepe paper is mainly used for the sterilization of medical hospitals, dental clinics, laboratories, medical equipment, and medical supplies factory, beauty salons, and tattoo centers. Its function is to wrap all devices and appropriate medical articles, again to prevent contamination and da Read More »

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