What are the characteristics of medical crepe paper?
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What are the characteristics of medical crepe paper?

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As an outer packaging material for sterile items, medical crepe paper has foldability and firmness, high physical and mechanical properties, non-toxicity and allergies, superior bacterial barrier, and the softness of cotton packaging and the advantages of vapor penetration, broad applicability. Then, let's introduce in detail what are the characteristics of medical crepe paper?

Here is the content list:

  • Strong permeability

  • Has a very high barrier effect against bacteria

  • Having characteristics recycling

Strong permeability

The medical crepe paper forms a unique barrier due to the special porous arrangement, which can make the steam and other media bend and penetrate the bag, effectively isolate bacteria and other microorganisms, so it can be stored for a long time without contamination. The disadvantage of the medical crepe paper packaging is that in clinical work, it is easily affected by factors such as moisture and sharp punctures. Therefore, the packaging material is not suitable for the packaging of sharp instruments and heavier instruments.

Has a very high barrier effect against bacteria

Medical crepe paper utilizes the semi-permeability and antibacterial properties of packaging materials to allow sterilization gas such as EO ethylene oxide or steam to pass through to achieve the sterilization effect and prevent bacteria from entering the packaging bag again. Ensure that within the required storage, transportation, and validity period, the inside of the bag is kept sterile before the bag is opened.

The medical crepe paper maintains the sterile state of the product, so that the product is free from air pollution, fiber breakage, dust, and other foreign objects, and the opportunity for microorganisms to invade.

Having characteristics recycling

Medical crepe paper is renewable, biodegradable, and has the functions of recycling; the outer packaging crepe paper after sterilization is very clean and can be directly used.

It is used for cleaning and decontamination; if the recycled medical crepe paper is visually cleaned, it can be used after disinfection and sterilization. It will not cause equipment or environmental pollution and is suitable for reuse.

The reuse of medical crepe paper reduces costs and complies with the principle of low-carbon and environmentally friendly reuse. The use of medical crepe paper in conjunction with special equipment can achieve a better effect of complementing each other's weaknesses. The reasonable reuse of medical crepe paper not only solves some of the difficulties in the cleaning and decontamination process, but also saves time, labor, and materials for the staff of the disinfection supply center, and at the same time achieves low-carbon and environmentally friendly benefits to the society.

As a packaging material for sterile items, medical crepe paper has a good sterile barrier, good antibacterial effect, soft paper, strong penetrability, and wide applicability. It can ensure the sterilization effect of hospitals and factories. The products are mainly used for sterilization in hospitals, dental clinics, laboratories, medical equipment and medical consumable factories, beauty salons, and tattoo centers.

Hefei Hanchin Medical Supplies Co.,Ltd has carried out a lot of tests on the medical crepe paper before leaving the factory, and the quality can be guaranteed. If you are engaged in the business of medical crepe paper, you can consider using our cost-effective products.

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