What are the differences between sterilization paper bags and cotton ones?
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What are the differences between sterilization paper bags and cotton ones?

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What is the difference between a sterilization paper bag and a cotton paper bag? Sterile packaging materials have certain conditions. The main function is to allow air and sterilizing media (such as steam) to pass, and at the same time, it must have a certain antibacterial effect to block the entry of some bacteria, thereby ensuring that the sterilized items are in Maintain a sterile state for a certain period during transfer and storage. The packaging materials for sterile articles used in the disinfection supply centers in my country mainly include cotton cloth, crepe paper, paper-plastic packaging bags, non-woven fabrics, and rigid containers. So what is the difference between a sterilization paper bag and a cotton paper bag? The following is a detailed introduction.

Here is the content list:

  • Comparison of anti-bacterial effects

  • Material comparison

Comparison of anti-bacterial effects

Sterilization paper bags have a stronger anti-bacterial effect than ordinary cotton paper bags. Sterilization paper bags can be stored for a longer time. However, after repeated use of cotton paper bags, the anti-bacterial performance will decrease. In addition, the cotton cloth will be deformed after repeated cleaning, and the tissue structure is loose. It can effectively block bacteria and shorten the storage of items. The self-sealing medical sterilization paper bag is a new type of packaging material for sterile items. The special multi-space arrangement forms a unique barrier to effectively isolate bacteria and other microorganisms. The packaging is in a three-dimensional shape to increase the volume of the packaging bag, and there is a display of sterilization and discoloration outside the package, the sterilization state is clear, and the peeling is no paper dust. Compared with cotton packaging bags, sterilization paper bags can better reflect their sterilization, antibacterial effects, convenient operation, and economic advantages, which not only ensure the quality of sterile bags and the safety of clinical use but also reduce medical costs. Save economic expenses, reduce workload, improve work efficiency, reduce the risk of hospital infections, and play a certain role in controlling the occurrence of hospital infections.

Material comparison

The main material of the sterilization bag of the medical non-woven packaging material is polypropylene, which has the structural characteristics of small fiber gaps and random arrangement, which can significantly reduce the possibility of microorganisms or dust particles being transferred.

Medical non-woven fabric packaging materials of the sterilization bag are disposable and cannot be reused. When choosing a non-woven fabric, the anti-bacterial properties, tensile strength and air permeability of the non-woven fabric should be considered in terms of performance.

Compared with the traditional cotton cloth, the sterilization bag of medical non-woven fabric material has different characteristics: the sterile package can be stored for a longer period (generally 6 months for double-layer non-woven fabric), disposable products, and no cotton will be produced. Dust causes air pollution; it has a good balance of ventilation and bacteria resistance; medical non-woven fabrics are suitable for pressure steam sterilization and EO sterilization, but non-woven fabrics containing plant fibers are not suitable for low-temperature plasma sterilization.

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