What are the functions of medical crepe paper?
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What are the functions of medical crepe paper?

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The medical crepe paper is mainly used for sterilization in hospitals, dental clinics, laboratories, medical equipment and medical consumable factories, beauty salons, and tattoo centers. Its function is to pack all equipment and corresponding medical items to prevent re-contamination and damage. Then, let's introduce in detail what are the functions of medical crepe paper?

Here is the content list:

  • Strong permeability

  • Has an isolation effect

  • Soft paper

  • Used for pressure steam and ethylene oxide sterilization

Strong permeability

The medical crepe paper forms a unique barrier due to the special porous arrangement, which can make the steam and other media bend and penetrate the bag, effectively isolate bacteria and other microorganisms, so it can be stored for a long time without contamination. The disadvantage of the medical crepe paper packaging is that in clinical work, it is easily affected by factors such as moisture and sharp punctures. Therefore, the packaging material is not suitable for the packaging of sharp instruments and heavier instruments.

Has an isolation effect

Medical crepe paper has a very high isolation effect on bacteria so that CSSD and medical device factories can be stored for a long time to ensure sterility. For corrugated paper that meets the quality requirements (GB/T 19633-2005 "Terminal Sterilization Medical Device Packaging"), the general storage period of sterile items should be 6 months.

Medical crepe paper is the earliest cotton substitute. Due to the smaller pore size, medical crepe paper has better microbial barrier properties than cotton cloth; it can be directly used as packaging material or as an inner packaging material for rigid containers. According to my country's sanitation industry regulations, sterile items packaged in medical disposable paper bags are valid for one month, and sterile items packaged in disposable medical crepe paper are valid for six months.

Soft paper

The paper quality of medical crepe paper is soft so that it can be treated harmlessly and has a good environmental protection effect.

Medical crepe paper uses a special filter medium to subpackage and layer the paper. The pressure difference formed by hydraulic pressure on both sides of the special structure medium is 8 times higher than that of ordinary mechanical dehydration equipment as the driving force so that the water is forced to pass through the filter medium, and the solid particles It is trapped on the medium to form a filter cake, thereby reducing the rigidity and friction of the medical crepe paper, giving people a smooth and delicate use experience, and also making the paper have a plastic effect.

Used for pressure steam and ethylene oxide sterilization

Ethylene oxide sterilization device is a key piece of equipment for manufacturers of single-use sterile medical devices. There are special requirements for installation, operation, and user management. Medical crepe paper uses ethylene oxide as a sterilizing agent. Ethylene oxide is a broad-spectrum sterilizing agent that can kill various microorganisms at room temperature, including spores, tuberculosis, bacteria, viruses, and fungi.

As a packaging material for sterile items, medical crepe paper has the characteristics of non-static, non-toxic, good sterile barrier, etc., and the softness of cotton packaging, which is conducive to steam penetration, has a wide range of applicability and is suitable for hot and humid steam. Ethylene oxide or low-temperature formaldehyde sterilization, good antibacterial effect.

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