What are the functions of sterilization flat roll?
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What are the functions of sterilization flat roll?

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Most dentists now use sterilization flat roll as their main method to keep their equipment sterile and clean. Using auto control is very important when developing modern hospital infection control criteria. More and more people in the world are being regarded as dentists, and dentists are gaining a wider range of practice. With the number of people going to dental clinics worldwide, it is important to ensure that equipment or dental supplies remain sterile. What are the functions of sterilization flat roll?

Here is the content list:

Suitable for the corresponding sterilization process

•Protective equipment

•Bacterial barrier property, before use can keep the instrument sterile

•Can be opened sterile to use the instrument

•Correctly identify and use the product.

Suitable for the corresponding sterilization process

A medical device is packed into a sterilization flat roll and sealed for sterilization and disinfection, and the packaging of medical consumables such as medical gloves medical syringe, hemostatic gauze, surgical hole towel, medical catheter intubation, surgical clothing protective clothing, vascular catheter, indwelling needle, electric knife pen, heparin cap, three-way cock, roar cover, balloon, artificial joint, occluder and other medical consumables packaging and packaging of high-end medical devices.


Protective equipment

Packaging can not be contaminated by air, fiber breakage, dust, and other foreign objects can protect the equipment from aging and wear. Help disinfect dental cleaning tools, tattoo equipment, small surgical tools until their next use.

Sterilization flat rolls are safe for others in a very effective way from infection by contaminated tools. These sterilization flat rolls help to clean the tools that go through the disinfection process.


Bacterial barrier property, before use can keep the instrument sterile

Since the sterilization flat roll will expand and shrink during the sterilization process, the sterilization flat roll is designed as multiple sealing and tail seal, using the self - sealant tape to protect the sterility of the environment in the bag. The plastic or laminate side provides strength, tightness, and thermal stability. A properly sterilization flat roll appears when the adhesive covers 50 % on the paper and 50 % on the laminate.


Can be opened sterile to use the instrument

Discharge air as much as possible from the sterilization flat roll, this will help prevent the seal from bursting during disinfection. Pressure-sensitive adhesive is special in that it becomes stronger during sterilization, becoming a permanent seal for this single-use device.


After sterilization and storage, a clean separation of the membrane and the paper is important for the sterility of the content. The outer layer of the film was exposed during transportation and storage, and if any part of the plastic remains attached to the paper, or if the instrument touches the plastic surface, it will be considered contaminated and must be re-processed.


Correctly identify and use the product.

Generally, a sterilization flat roll contains only one device, and transparent sterilization flat roll can make it easier for us to distinguish the content. And paper or plastic face up has some controversy. The best way is to put the items on the shelf, just like the books on the shelf. This structure facilitates the efficient circulation and penetration of steam and also the drying process. The tags should not be touched before drying to reduce the chance of infecting bacteria.


Sterilization flat roll reduces the risk of disease transmission and provides a safe environment for each working in a dental clinic or dental patient. Hefei Hanchin company conducts many tests of sterilization flat roll, and the quality qualification rate is guaranteed. If you need a sterilization flat roll, you can consider our cost-effective products. Hefei Hanchin company's materials are non-toxic and tasteless, perfect after-sales service, you can have no worries.

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