What can be put into the sterilization roll pouch
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What can be put into the sterilization roll pouch

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Sterilization flat rolls are used for disinfection applications. These are packaging solutions to protect medical equipment and equipment from cross-transmission of bacteria and infectious diseases between people. These sterilization flat rolls also ensure that the chemicals used in sterilization are not affected until the equipment is reused. There is an indicator light on these sterilization flat rolls indicating that the equipment is being disinfected. Sterilization flat rolls are a key component of every successful operation. Given this important function, it is necessary for medical and dental professionals to know which are good sterilization flat rolls. What can be put into the sterilization roll pouch?


Here is the content list:

•Dental tooth cleaning Tool

•Medical devices and equipment 

•Tattoo equipment 

•Items requiring disinfection 

•Matters need attention


Dental tooth cleaning Tool

Dental medical devices include dental mobile phones, oral mobile phone sterilizers, tooth extraction forceps, braces, dental diggers and other surgical instruments, manual dental appliances, dental rotary appliances, dental-injection appliances, root canal appliances. 


Medical devices and equipment 

Medical gloves medical syringe, medical mobile phone, oral tools, hemostatic gauze, surgical hole towel, medical catheter tracheal intubation, surgical clothing protective clothing, intravascular catheter, indwelling needle, electric knife pen, heparin cap, three-way plug orifice cover, balloon, artificial joint, occluder, and other medical consumables packaging and high-end medical equipment packaging. Usually used in large production scale I and II medical device products, such as various syringes, gauze tablets, surgical clothes, and medical catheter intubation, as well as simple Class III medical devices, typically such as vein retention needles.


Tattoo equipment 

Body pin, needle, handle, texture pen, tattoo machine sleeve, tattoo frame, needle mouth frame, handle frame, hand frame, leg frame, display frame, practice skin, transfer paper, transfer paste, anesthetic, tongue pressing board, pad needle plug, pad needle ring, washing machine, needle mouth brush, etc. 


Items requiring disinfection 

Suitable sterilization methods: EO ethylene oxide disinfection sterilization, steam high temperature, and high-pressure steam disinfection sterilization, gamma cobalt 60 irradiation disinfection sterilization, plasma sterilization (non-paper type).

Matters need attention

The medical sterilization flat roll is to prevent the goods in the bag from being contaminated by bacteria, generally, in a completely closed form, sterilization flat roll can not enter to achieve its effect. A general sterilization flat roll is one or one. 


Medical device sterilization packaging belongs to a new development field, can be said to be a new industry in the world, and is still in the cumulative summary. The definition of sterilization flat roll of medical devices shall be understood as: sterilization for packaging of medical device products, sterile operation (e . g . clean opening), providing acceptable microbial barrier performance, product protection before and after sterilization, and maintaining the sterile environment inside the system within a certain period (marked validity). Hefei Hanchin company conducts many tests of sterilization flat roll, and the quality qualification rate is guaranteed. If you need a sterilization flat roll, you can consider our cost-effective products. Hefei Hanchin company's materials are non-toxic and tasteless, perfect after-sales service, you can have no worries.

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