What is a self-sealing sterilization pouch used for?
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What is a self-sealing sterilization pouch used for?

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Regardless of which aspect is considered, the self-sealing sterilization pouch is a very comprehensive product, which is widely used worldwide. There are various types of medical sterilization pouch, and with their respective advantages, they are welcomed by the majority of relevant industry personnel. At present, the surgical sterilization pouch is developing in the direction of diversified technology.


Here is the content list:

  • Why can sterilization pouch replace traditional medical packaging?

  • What are advantages of sterilization pouch in the disinfection center?

  • What is the status quo of civil sterilization pouch technology?


Why can sterilization pouch replace traditional medical packaging?

The contents of the sterilization pouch can be medical gloves, medical syringes, hemostatic gauze, surgical drapes, medical catheters, tracheal intubation, surgical gowns, protective clothing, intravascular catheters, indwelling needles, electrosurgical pens, heparin caps, three-way cock, artificial joint, etc.

In sterilization supply centers, operating rooms and other hospital departments, sterilization pouch has gradually replaced most traditional medical packaging materials. In the past, medical packaging materials were mainly cotton, medical paper, and non-woven fabrics, while the sterilization pouch used PET/PP film and dialysis paper compatible materials.

Among them, although pure cotton is used in large quantities in hospitals, it has the disadvantages of poor microbial barrier function, large cotton wool fiber pollution and easy to wet bags. Medical paper has the problem of poor moisture resistance and is only suitable for small medical equipment packaging.

Medical non-woven fabrics have the disadvantages of poor sealing performance and large consumption, while airtight rigid sterilization boxes have the disadvantages of high purchase costs, high maintenance costs, and difficulty in popularization.

In addition, in the context of diversified sterilization requirements such as pressure steam sterilization, ETO sterilization and LTSF sterilization, these sterilization packaging materials have poor compatibility.

For this reason, the compound sterilization pouch was invented, which has been tested by numerous experiments. Now, we have confirmed that its sterilization packaging effect is reliable, sterilization compatibility is strong, and many properties surpass traditional sterilization packaging materials.


What are advantages of sterilization pouch in the disinfection center?

The disinfection supply room is the item processing system in the disinfection and sterilization system of medical institutions, and it is the key department of hospital infection prevention and control. With the continuous development of modern medicine, a large number of medical devices are widely used in clinical practice.

Before the sterilization pouch was invented, the original traditional packaging technology was backward, time-consuming and laborious. The packaged medical device package was easy to disperse during the transfer process, especially the sterilization indicator card was easy to slip off.

The sterilization pouch is fast, simple, and convenient to free the nursing staff in the supply room from heavy and repetitive high-energy-consuming labor. In addition, it also has the following properties:

1.        The sterilization pouch can ensure that the medical equipment inside is sterile, easy to open, and more convenient to operate;

2.        One side of the sterilization pouch uses transparent PET/PE film, and the other side uses medical dialysis paper and stable non-toxic water-based ink;

3.        Through the transparent film of the sterilization pouch, the user can clearly see the content object to prevent misuse;

4.        The sterilization pouch provides a clear color indicator card; the color of the sterilization pouch changes from blue to black after steam sterilization, and from pink to yellow after ETO treatment.


What is the status quo of civil sterilization pouch technology?

In recent years, as the country has continuously increased the supervision of the disposable sterile medical device industry, the sterilization pouch industry has made great progress in terms of environmental purification, processing equipment, material level, test methods, processing technology and many other aspects.

Nevertheless, the overall level of domestic sterilization pouch processing enterprises at this stage still has a certain gap with foreign enterprises.

As a medical product, the most basic requirement of sterilization pouch is to be safe and effective. For disposable medical devices, sterilization pouch is the last process in addition to the sterilization operation, and its processing level has a decisive effect on the quality of the entire product.

Therefore, improving the processing and manufacturing level of sterilization pouch and diversifying the processing technology of sterilization pouch play an important role in improving and ensuring the safety of medical devices.


From the perspective of a professional manufacturer of heat-sealing sterilization pouch, Hefei Hanchin Medical Supplies Co., Ltd. summarizes the application objects and advantages of medical sterilization pouch, and carries out the prospect of the future technology direction of the sterilization pouch for medical use. We hope to take this opportunity to attract your attention, and then achieve the purpose of communicating and improving together with peer companies and experts.

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