What is sterilization paper bag design?
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What is sterilization paper bag design?

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Sterilization paper bag, also known as medical packaging bag, medical device packaging bag, sterilization packaging bag, medical sterilization packaging bag, etc., sterilization bag is sealed, sterilization is carried out, and the packaging bag is used to pass the sterilization factor. The semi-dialysis permeability of the bacteria and the professional testing of EN868 by the medical testing institute of professional institutions show that the aging of the packaging bag can prevent bacteria for 3 to 5 years. So what is the design of the sterilization paper bag? The following is a detailed introduction.

Here is the content list:

  • Antibacterial effect

  • Does not react with the device

  • Non-toxic

  • Allow sterilization factor to penetrate and separate out

Antibacterial effect

Sterilization paper bags have certain conditions. The main function is to allow air and sterilization media (such as steam) to pass, and at the same time, they must have a certain antibacterial effect to block the entry of some bacteria, thereby ensuring the transfer and transfer of sterilized items. Maintain a sterile state for a certain period during storage.

Does not react with the device

Before, during, and after sterilization, the material and composition (coating, ink, chemical indicator) of the sterilization paper bag should not react with the device and cause pollution to the device. The sealing width and strength (tensile strength and/or burst resistance) of the sealed sterile paper bag shall meet the specified requirements. The peeling structure should be continuous, uniform, and without influence, and there should be no layering or tearing of the material that is opened and taken out. The sealing and/or closing of the sterilization paper bag should provide a barrier to microorganisms.


The sterilization paper bag is non-toxic, tasteless, without perforation, breakage, tear, wrinkle, or local uneven thickness. It has acceptable levels of cleanliness, particulate contamination, and flocculation. There is no eluate under the specified conditions, and the sterilization paper bag has good biological barrier properties. Sterilization paper bags not only meet the basic physical requirements and are not easy to age, but also meet the basic chemical requirements, pH and chloride.

Allow sterilization factor to penetrate and separate out

The sterilization paper bag material must be able to allow air to penetrate and the sterilization medium to penetrate and separate. A tight grid or weave pattern may cause difficulty in penetration and precipitation, which will cause potential wet-packing problems.

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