What is sterilization paper bag process
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What is sterilization paper bag process

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With the development of sterilization technology, the types of sterilization packaging materials have increased. Different types of sterilization packaging materials have big differences in terms of technical indicators and use costs. If you choose appropriate sterilization packaging in your work materials can reduce medical costs. Sterilization paper bag is a kind of sterilization packaging material. Then, let's introduce in detail what is sterilization paper bag process?

Here is the content list:

  • Highly resistant to bacteria

  • Strong tightness

  • Provide color-changing instructions 

Highly resistant to bacteria

Sterilization paper bags have fixed specifications and types, which are convenient and fast to use. The sealing machine is used to form a closed package, which allows the air inside the article to be discharged, which is conducive to the full penetration of the sterilant and steam into the package; The medical sterilization paper bag has strong anti-bacterial and water resistance capabilities, and the sterile validity period is extended to one month; Medical sterilization paper bag suitable for independent packaging of dishes, basins, bowls, and other utensils and small medical kits. However, the packaging of larger items is likely to cause the bag to rupture. It is not suitable to pack sharp instruments and heavier surgical instruments. In addition, there are certain requirements for sterilization and storage. It is best to store it in a basket and store it vertically. Handle with care to prevent the bag from breaking. Therefore, disposable sterilized paper bags can be used for the packaging of outpatient treatment kits. For the packaging of surgical instruments (more instruments and heavier weight), disposable sterilized paper bags are not suitable.

Strong tightness

Sterilized paper bags can super seal bacteria, have excellent airtightness, clean peeling force, and meet ISO11607 and EN868 standards.

Due to the pollution of the environment and the increase in sterility requirements of the medical level, medical packaging has become a necessity in the field of medical care and hygiene. Major hospitals in the world require that after a correct sterilization process for medical devices, the devices in the sterilization room should be sterile. But when the equipment leaves the sterilization room, the outdoor air contains dust particles and microorganisms. If the sterilized medical device is not protected by the packaging, the device will soon be contaminated. In addition, the sterilized sterile medical device and articles need to be stored for some time and sent to the hospital department in need. Therefore, the equipment and corresponding medical items must be properly packaged to prevent re-contamination and damage.

Therefore, sterilized paper bags are a good choice. Sterilization paper bags use the semi-permeability and antibacterial properties of packaging materials to allow sterilization gas such as EO ethylene oxide or steam to pass through to achieve the sterilization effect and prevent bacteria from entering the sterilization paper bags again.

Provide color-changing instructions

Sterilization paper bags provide clear instructions for changing colors. Sterilization paper bags can be equipped with a sterilization indicator. The chemical indicator card of the sterilization paper bag to detect the sterilization effect is sterilized along with other items that need to be sterilized. After the sterilization is completed, observe this indicator card. If the sterilization is qualified, the color displayed in the test place will be darker than the control color.

Medical sterilization paper bag is a process to prevent the items in the packaging bag from being contaminated by bacteria. It is generally in a fully enclosed form, and its effect is achieved when bacteria cannot enter.

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