What is the material of the sterilization pouch?
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What is the material of the sterilization pouch?

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The protective effect of self-sealing sterilization pouch on medical devices is unmatched by any other packaging. The heat-sealing sterilization pouch can not only withstand sterilization or aseptic operations, but also provide acceptable microbial barrier performance and maintain a sterile environment inside the system for a certain period of time. In order to realize the powerful function of the medical sterilization pouch, the requirements for its materials must be strict.


Here is the content list:

  • What is the appearance of the sterilization pouch?

  • What materials are used for each component of the sterilization pouch?

  • What ecofriendly requirements should the material of the sterilization pouch meet?


What is the appearance of the sterilization pouch?

The sterilization pouch is generally composed of two sides, one side is a dialysis paper that allows sterilization components to pass through, and the other side is a PET/PP film that is impermeable to liquid, air and gas.

The exchange of sterile components is performed on the dialysis side. At the same time, since the film is transparent, the contents of the bag are visible. Due to the material, the sterilization pouch has a good microbial barrier function.

The user can choose a suitable sterilization pouch according to the length and size of the packaged device. It can be used for high-pressure steam and ETO sterilization methods, and there are two chemical discoloration indicator areas printed on the package, which will be from blue to black and from powder to yellow after being sterilized by high-pressure steam or ETO.


What materials are used for each component of the sterilization pouch?

Sterilization pouch can be understood as a medical device that is produced by a manufacturer and be supplied in a sterile state after sterilization, and the medical unit does not need to be sterilized and used directly.

As a packaging material that is in direct contact with medical devices, the sterilization pouch is often in direct contact with the use surface. Therefore, the sterilization pouch manufacturer has undergone strict screening of the materials of its constituent parts, and finally selected the materials of each part.

  • Dialysis Paper

The dialysis paper of sterilization pouch is generally divided into domestic paper and imported paper according to the place of origin, and it is required to have good water-blocking and air-permeable capabilities.

The dialysis paper of the sterilization pouch should also have excellent physical and mechanical properties such as tensile resistance, tear resistance, and puncture resistance, and be widely adapted to various existing conventional sterilization methods.

Generally, domestic or imported dialysis paper can be used for ordinary instruments with small size and light weight or instruments with low prices. For more sophisticated medical equipment, high-end imported sterilization pouch dialysis paper is required.

  • Plastic membrane

In production, sterilization pouch producers use PP/PET combined materials. The PP material used for the film on the sterilization pouch can withstand high temperatures above 100 °C, so it is mainly used for steam sterilization.

PET material has high mechanical strength, and its tensile strength is 5-10 times that of PE. It has good heat resistance, cold resistance, freezing resistance, high temperature cooking resistance, and good oil resistance and chemical resistance, but it is not easy to heat seal.

  • Surface ink

Sterilization pouch packaging usually uses water-based environmentally friendly ink, and the ink should be attached to the ISO 10993 biocompatibility inspection standard, and the heavy metal content meets the requirements of IEC 62321:2008, US EPA 3052:1996.

For general-purpose flat sterilization pouch, at least 50% of the entire surface area is left without printing, and the ink should not be in contact with the device.


What ecofriendly requirements should the material of the sterilization pouch meet?

Modern commodities are increasingly showing a diversified development trend, and more and more medical sterilization pouch companies have emerged in the market. In order to form core competitiveness, high-tech sterilization pouch companies have made improvements in materials.

With the continuous rise of the trend of environmental protection, in order to continue to meet the requirements of consumers for sterilization pouch, manufacturers have carried out systematic planning in controlling the quality of materials.

In response to the development slogan about environmental protection, sterilization pouch manufacturers must do a good job in environmental protection and energy conservation, and consider production from the perspective of environmental protection as much as possible.

Relevant companies also pointed out specifically that medical packaging bags must meet standards and degradable standards. For this reason, advanced manufacturers must add corresponding processes in the production process, so that the sterilization pouch can be decomposed in the natural environment and within a specific time without causing white pollution.


The medical sterilization pouch can reduce repeated sterilization operations, saving manpower and material resources. It is precisely because of wider application range, our requirements for which are getting higher. Hefei Hanchin Medical Supplies Co.,Ltd. is committed to providing high-tech heat-sealing sterilization pouch. We have certifications from many authoritative organizations. You can select and purchase dental sterilization pouch with confidence.

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