What is the size of the sterilization roll?
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What is the size of the sterilization roll?

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Among the many medical and health products, the medical sterilization roll is considered to be a relatively small one. However, its role cannot be underestimated. Sterilization is a prerequisite for any medical operation. The sterilization roll that can bear this responsibility must go through a variety of processes and use the most advanced materials and technologies. Before buying, you need to judge the size of the sterilization reel pouch you want to buy according to the length of your needs.


Here is the content list:

  • How to achieve the length of sterilization roll you want?

  • How to take use of sterilization roll pouch?

  • How to save the sterilization roll that not used up?


How to achieve the length of sterilization roll you want?

With the progress of hospital disinfection technology, many hospitals have introduced high-pressure steam sterilizers and associated sterilization rolls. The introduction of this equipment has new enlightenment for the packaging and storage of medical dressings and various sterilized items, and will also sterilization roll the use of is simplified a lot.

The customization of sterilization reel is a sub-priority that is only considered when the major premise of sterilization packaging safety has been met. In fact, this is also a requirement for absolute packaging safety. For our sterilization roll, there are many specifications for you to choose. The length of the sterilization roll can be cut into any size according to your needs, and a heat sealer can be used when sealing.


How to take use of sterilization roll pouch?

When you want to perform high-pressure steam sterilization, put the surgical appliances to be sterilized into the sterilization roll pouch, seal it tightly, and then perform sterilization. Sterilization gas or radiation enters through the sterilization roll pouch for sterilization, and finally parses and emits, but bacteria cannot enter.

Because the aperture of the sterilization roll pouch is semi-permeable, it can not only allow sterilization gas and radiation to enter and exit, but also perfectly keep bacteria out of the surface.

It is the semi-permeable and permeable dialysis of the packaging bag. The sterilization roll pouch is sterile in the process of handling, transportation and storage until it enters the hospital operating room and is opened by the doctor. Ready to use at any time, no need to re-sterilize.


How to save the sterilization roll that not used up?

Under normal circumstances, the size of the sterilization roll depends on its diameter. The larger the diameter, the more lengths and times available. Perhaps you may not be able to use it up all at once, in this case you need to store the sterilization roll properly.

Calculated from the production date of the sterilization roll, if stored under normal conditions, the sterilization packaging materials used in hospitals have a two-year shelf life. In the past two years, it is best to ensure that the date of the sterilization roll is as close as possible to the production date, and contact with the outside world as little as possible to ensure safety of the sterilization roll and its contents. Here are some precautions for preservation:

1.       The sterilization roll must be stored in the sterilization storage area and placed by the personnel in the area.

2.       The sterilization roll must be carefully checked and meet the requirements before the sterilization roll can be placed in the sterilization storage area; the outer packaging of the disposable sterilization roll must be removed.

3.       The storage area for sterilized items should be kept clean and dry, with a temperature below 25°C and a humidity below 60%.

4.       The sterilization roll is arranged in a fixed position in the order of category and date. The sterilization roll can be kept aseptic for 180 days after being sterilized. Once it expires, the sterilization roll must be removed from the storage area, and the cleaning, packaging and sterilization process must be performed again.


In summary, for the sterilization roll that has not been used up, you need to work hard on its preservation. After all, it is a medical product, and when it is directly used in surgical operations, it will endanger the life of the patient if it is not noticed. If you need more information or tips to use sterilization reel, you can consult our customer service or visit Hefei Hanchin's website. We look forward to your arrival.

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