Who will need medical crepe paper?
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Who will need medical crepe paper?

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As a packaging material for sterile items, medical crepe paper has a good sterile barrier, good antibacterial effect, soft paper, strong penetrability, and wide applicability. It can ensure the sterilization effect of hospitals and factories. The medical crepe paper is mainly used for sterilization in hospitals, dental clinics, laboratories, medical equipment and medical consumable factories, beauty salons, and tattoo centers. Then, let's introduce in detail Who will need medical crepe paper?

Here is the content list:

  • Medical industry

  • Beauty salons

  • Various industries that require aseptic packaging

Medical industry

Due to the pollution of the environment and the increase in sterility requirements of the medical level, medical packaging has become a necessity in the field of medical care and hygiene.

Major hospitals in the world require that after a correct sterilization process for medical devices, the devices in the sterilization room should be sterile. But when the equipment leaves the sterilization room, the outdoor air contains dust particles and microorganisms. If the sterilized medical device is not protected by the packaging, the device will soon be contaminated. In addition, the sterilized sterile medical device and articles need to be stored for some time and sent to the hospital department in need.

Therefore, the equipment and corresponding medical items must be properly packaged to prevent re-contamination and damage. Generally, there are many options for sterilization packaging commonly used in hospitals, such as medical crepe paper. Medical crepe paper is a necessity in hospitals and other medical industries.

Beauty salons

Hygiene is very important for beauty salons. The main reason why many customers are concerned about beauty salons is that they are not at ease with their hygiene and safety issues. Beauty salon hygiene mainly includes three aspects: environmental hygiene, appliance, and product hygiene, and personal hygiene of the beautician. The hygiene of appliances is related to many links such as cleaning, disinfection, packaging, storage, etc. It also involves many aspects such as sterilization monitoring and sterilization quality management system. Packaging technology is an important part of the sterilization process. Only packaged instruments can become sterile after sterilization.

Medical crepe paper forms a unique barrier due to the special porous arrangement, which can make steam and other media bend and penetrate the bag, effectively isolate bacteria and other microorganisms, and has good hydrophobicity, and it is not easy to form a wet bag, so It can be stored for a long time without contamination. Therefore, beauty salons need to use medical crepe paper.

Various industries that require aseptic packaging

As an outer packaging material for sterile items, medical crepe paper has foldability and firmness, high physical and mechanical properties, non-toxicity and allergies, superior bacterial barrier, and the softness of cotton packaging, and the advantages of vapor penetration. Broad applicability. Medical crepe paper can ensure the sterilization effect of hospitals and factories, so if various industries need to use sterile packaging items, medical crepe paper is a good choice.

Medical crepe paper conforms to the principle of low-carbon and environmentally friendly reuse. The use of medical crepe paper in conjunction with special equipment can achieve a better effect of complementing each other's weaknesses. Medical crepe paper has a superior bacterial barrier function, which can effectively increase the storage time of sterile items while ensuring medical safety, while also reducing costs. It has a huge effect on many industries such as the medical industry, the beauty industry, and the production of factories.

Hefei Hanchin Medical Supplies Co.,Ltd has carried out a lot of tests on the medical crepe paper before leaving the factory, and the quality can be guaranteed. If you are engaged in the business of medical crepe paper, you can consider using our cost-effective products.

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