Why are sterilization paper bags not working?
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Why are sterilization paper bags not working?

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Single-use sterile medical device packaging, used for the packaging of medical equipment products, can be sterilized, can be sterilized (such as clean opening), can provide acceptable microbial barrier performance, and can be used before and after sterilization. A packaging system that protects the product and maintains a sterile environment inside the system within a certain period of time (marked expiry date) after being destroyed. It can also be understood as: a medical device that is produced and sterilized by a manufacturer and supplied in a sterile state, and the medical unit does not need to be sterilized and used directly. Some people cannot achieve the sterilization effect when using sterilization paper bags. Why? The following details why the sterilization paper bag does not work.

Here is the content list:

  • The seal of the sterilization bag is cracked

  • The sterilized paper bag is punctured

  • Wet pack

  • Expired

The seal of the sterilization bag is cracked

Medical sterilization bags need to ensure the integrity and tightness of the entire sterilization bag. If cracks occur at the sealing port, the entire sterilization process will be meaningless. It is undoubtedly a waste of medical resources. The reasons for the hospital sterilization cracking are as follows. First of all, the parameters of the sterilization bag sealing machine are set incorrectly. When the sterilization bag is used for sealing, the temperature of the sealing machine is set too low or too high, which causes the plastic and paper surfaces inside the sterilization bag to not be tightly sealed together. The method of sterilization bag packaging Incorrect, the sterilized items are packaged randomly during packaging, the items in the package are too heavy, and the sterilization bag cannot bear the weight of the inner items. When the vacuum is drawn, the sealing port is broken or unreasonable dragging, and other actions cause the sterilization bag to be damaged.

The sterilized paper bag is punctured

Some items placed in the sterilization paper bag have sharp heads. If the sterilization paper bag is used unreasonably, it is easy to puncture it, such as some sharp needles and scissors and other sharp objects, or it is pierced by sharp objects when transferring the sterilization paper bag. Once punctured, the sterilization effect will be discarded.

Wet pack

Improper prevention of sterilization paper bags, too much sterilization equipment in the sterilization paper bags, too much air in the packaging, etc., will cause the moisture in the sterilization process to gather on the surface of the sterilization paper bags to form a wet package.


If the sterilized paper bag is placed for too long, the validity period will expire.

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