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  • 09-01
    Hanchin Medical | 2020 China International Medical Equipment Fair (CMEF) is Coming. We Sincerely Invite You to Come!

    CMEF (full name: China International Medical Equipment Fair) was founded in 1979 and holds two sessions in spring and autumn every year, including exhibitions and forums. After more than 40 years of accumulation and precipitation, the exhibition has now developed into a world-leading globalization covering the entire medical device industry chain, integrating product technology, new product launches, procurement trade, brand communication, scientific research cooperation, academic forums, and education and training. Read More »

  • 07-08
    Why are sterilization paper bags not working?

    Single-use sterile medical device packaging, used for the packaging of medical equipment products, can be sterilized, can be sterilized (such as clean opening), can provide acceptable microbial barrier performance, and can be used before and after sterilization. A packaging system that protects the Read More »

  • 07-06
    Who will need medical crepe paper?

    As a packaging material for sterile items, medical crepe paper has a good sterile barrier, good antibacterial effect, soft paper, strong penetrability, and wide applicability. It can ensure the sterilization effect of hospitals and factories. The medical crepe paper is mainly used for sterilization Read More »

  • 07-04
    What is the value of medical crepe paper?

    Due to the pollution of the environment and the increase in sterility requirements of the medical level, medical packaging has become a necessity in the field of medical care and hygiene. Major hospitals in the world require medical devices to be sterile after a correct sterilization process. If the Read More »

  • 07-02
    What is the packaging form of sterilization flat roll?

    From a professional point of view, doctors and dental professionals can help people maintain their health. Medical supplies and equipment are used for intended and routine treatment, home care, orthodontics, etc. These supplies and products include casting and therapeutic materials, drilling tools, Read More »

  • 06-30
    What is the application of sterilization flat roll?

    Tooth cleaning is an important part of human health, from a personal point of view, through proper cleaning of teeth, regular examination of teeth, and a healthy diet. Most dental diseases can be prevented by proper care. From a professional point of view, dentists and dental professionals can help Read More »

  • 06-28
    What is sterilization paper bag process

    With the development of sterilization technology, the types of sterilization packaging materials have increased. Different types of sterilization packaging materials have big differences in terms of technical indicators and use costs. If you choose appropriate sterilization packaging in your work ma Read More »

  • 06-26
    What is sterilization paper bag design?

    Sterilization paper bag, also known as medical packaging bag, medical packaging bag, medical device packaging bag, sterilization packaging bag, medical sterilization packaging bag, etc., sterilization bag is sealed, sterilization is carried out, and the packaging bag is used to pass the sterilizatio Read More »

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