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  • 06-18
    What are the functions of sterilization flat roll?

    Most dentists now use sterilization flat roll as their main method to keep their equipment sterile and clean. Using auto control is very important when developing modern hospital infection control criteria. More and more people in the world are being regarded as dentists, and dentists are gaining a Read More »

  • 06-10
    What are sterilization flat roll operations?

    In infection control," sometimes a small detail can make a huge difference ." Infection control is a series of steps required to ensure the safety of staff and patients. Sterilization flat roll is a kind of medical device approved by the Food and Drug Administration. The shape of the sterilization f Read More »

  • 06-04
    Precautions for using sterilization flat roll

    The postoperative infection has serious consequences from amputation to death. for this reason, an appropriate disinfection process is essential for any successful operation. By definition, sterilization refers to the complete termination of all microorganisms in a given area. Although these bacteri Read More »

  • 05-28
    How to identify sterilization flat roll quality?

    Sterilization flat roll is composed of a layer of high temperature and high-pressure steam resistant medical dialysis paper and a layer of high temperature transparent composite film. The transparent membrane layer of sterilization flat roll is a dialysis window surface, impermeable, steam resistant Read More »




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